Friday, October 21, 2011

A new social network,, might eventually pay you for your activity .. initial look

Do we really need another online social network?  Between twitter, reddit, Facebook, linkedin, etc, aren't we all social-networked to the gills already?  A new entrant on the scene,, has a familiar feeling to reddit, and apparently will offer members the opportunity to be paid for their activity.  That last bit got me interested enough to take a look and try out the features. (my page:

The network appears to have just launched very recently, maybe just this week.  The logo is marked with a "Beta" symbol so presumably it is incomplete and they will add new features over time.  Given that there's a few features glaringly lacking I sincerely hope they'll address some things (like being able to block or report misuse or spammers) or else I'll ignore the thing completely.

Right now you sign up one of three ways:  a) twitter ID, b) Facebook ID, c) email address.  During the signup process even if you register using twitter or Facebook it will ask you for your email address.  Signup is painless.

The central activity is in sharing "things" on the network.


You can just type in some words to share, or click one of the icons to share a link to an article, a picture, a video, or a poll.


Once you start sharing it changes to this.  Click on one of the gizmos at the right to share a specific kind of thing.  You're also required to enter some text along with the shared item ("Enter the text for your Chime here").  You can enter "up to 5 interests".  And you can optionally post the Chime to Facebook and/or twitter.

They use the word "Chime" to describe the things you share on

The "interest" list is essentially the same as keywords or tags used on other places like  It is an important way for your Chimes to be found by other people.  The site lets you browse for chimes by the interest's they're tagged with.

There's a major problem with the auto-sharing to twitter (I haven't checked if the same bad behavior exists with auto-sharing to Facebook).


The first of those tweets was auto-shared by Feedburner from the RSS feed on one of my blogs.  Note that the link is an active live link that you can click on.  The following two tweets were auto-shared by based on Chimes I posted ( and  The link in the tweet is not a live link that you can click on, it's just text, and worst it's using (without giving me the option to hook into my own account).  First, the "" domain is short enough to be a suitable short-link, so why don't they incorporate their own shortlink service?  Second, it's bad wrong awful silly ridiculous stupid for this to not be a live link.  The fault is probably the "…" just before the link.

On your dashboard page (, on the left-hand side, you see a list of interests.  You can "browse" the interests in their tree of pre-selected interests.  You can add your own interests.  At the top of the page is a search box, and you can search for interests, people and chimes through that one search box.  Once you find an interesting interest, there is a "subscribe" button at the top of the interest page and clicking on the "subscribe" button adds it to your interest list.


There are also Groups, which they call "Communities".  Communities have a founder, who designs the Community giving it a purpose, a set of interests, and a background image.  You can join a community page, and the community page shows a list of the members.

As the community founder you define the "Interests" of the community.  This automagically pulls Chimes into the community based on the interests you define.  For example I've set up a community ( with the interests: electric car, electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, electric bike, hybrid cars, EV, Tesla, Alternative Fuel Vehicles.  The community home page is being automatically filled with any Chimes that fit one of those interests.

This means community founders don't have to fill their community with content (lest it look like a ghost town), they simply have to define the appropriate interests.

Now let's look at individual chimes ...


This one was shared by "chime_editors", denoted by the little arrow.  At the top of the chime you see a thumbs-up icon (to like it), an arrow (to share the chime), a little squared splodge that's a "bookmark" icon (to "save" it), and an "X" icon to hide the chime.

You'll notice there is not a thumbs down icon.  Nor is there one to report it for being spam or misuse.

You'll notice there is an area to enter comments and you can thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the comments.   There is not a method for reporting a comment for spam or misuse.

I suppose that might take "Hide" and "thumbs down" as signals to indicate which accounts are spammers or abusers.

This particular Chime has an account name ending in "_Feed" as well as an RSS icon next to it.  Visiting the account profile page you learn that this is an account generated from an RSS feed chosen by's staff.  There is not a way for us members of to set up a "Feed" style account, nor is there a way to autoshare our RSS feeds into our Chime account.  I wonder if they plan to let us syndicate our RSS feed(s) into Chime or not.  Or alternatively, whether they take suggestions for feeds to syndicate?

Their About Us page has a few interesting things to say:-

At we’re building the world’s richest interest network. A place to learn and share with others who have the same interests. Where one day, your every interest, no matter how big or small, serious or silly, will have its own vibrant community of people who are just as passionate about it as you are.

Our goal is to be the most democratic publishing platform in social media. So, we’re building in tools to give everyone a bigger voice: analytics on your posts and followers, ways to connect people with the most relevant and quality content, and, eventually, ways to monetize your content with partners.

The "analytics" etc are not implemented yet, nor is there an apparent way to monetize.  The monetization will obviously have to wait until some future moment when they start putting advertising on the site (at the moment it has no advertising).

I said at the beginning that has a familiar feel to reddit.  Over on reddit, the community is divided into "sub-reddit's" and is focused around people sharing things of interest on sub-reddits similar to the things of interest.  Reddit members can form sub-reddits.  Essentially is the same format/structure. has promise … but at the moment I don't quite see enough there to warrant jumping on-board in a big way.  It doesn't seem to be a significant improvement over other social networks.  Maybe they'll add features over time and make it more interesting.  I'm real interest in tools that give "everyone a bigger voice", and will keep watching to see what they come up with.


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