Sunday, December 13, 2009

Technorati seems to be totally futzed, no longer relavent, or at least horrible on-site navigation degrades its usefulness

Back in the day Technorati was the place to be ranked as an important or unimportant blogger. Today it seems to be to have lost its way, and the services it used to offer now seem totally useless. The straw which broke open this rant I'm writing is the ranking widget I used to display on another of my blog sites that has now been removed.

Back in the day the technorati ranking widget was commonly displayed. It showed the technorati authority, linked to the technorati profile for the site, etc. By causing us to link to it of course influenced the search engine popularity of that site. And presumably in return a blog with a good technorati authority number would gain some credibility by being able to display that number.

technorati.jpgA long time ago Technorati had given me some javascript code for the ranking widget, that used to display a nice ranking widget, but for the longest time didn't work. It didn't display anything and instead a couple links showed through. About a week ago it began displaying the image shown here. A big big prominent rectangle, much wider than a useful sidebar, overlapping my content, being obnoxiously intrusive, blaring its presence, showing no useful data, etc.

Fine, I thought, I'll just go to and see what optional widgets were available. BUT there is no apparent selection of ranking widgets anywhere findable on Go to your profile page, go to the claim page for a specific blog, go to the list of administrivia links at the bottom of the page, nowhere is there a link to a page listing widgets. Go to the support area and type "ranking widgets" into the search box and one of the results is a question about ranking widgets saying they are working on something that will be available 'soon'. Bleah. They used to have a page giving various widgets and while it used to be hard to find it was findable. Not now.

How hard can this be?

For some reason I rarely see them mentioned any longer, I rarely see technorati ranking widgets etc any longer. A google search for "technorati rank" didn't turn up recent articles indicating to me that nobody is writing about Technorati any longer.

What the hell is up with Technorati? asks a similar question, notes a different set of problems, and concludes "Technorati FAIL".