Friday, October 16, 2009

Taking a fresh look at (a.k.a. is one of the earlier social media websites which had its own 15 minutes of fame several years ago. It's fading into relative obscurity may (or may not) be a warning to upstarts like Twitter but I digress. It seems that has had a facelift of sorts with a bit of modernization or at least the incorporation of some (ahem) twitter support.

Speaking of which here's the setup screen for the twitter support:


When posting to twitter there are a couple new fields to fill in


NOTE: Make sure to fill in the "Message" box with your message. My first time through this I thought it would tweet the title field but it instead made a blank tweet with just the link.

Finally the tweet looks like the following.


Overall this addition to takes an excellent service and extend it into the twitter landscape. There are other services whose purpose is only to shorten URL's and also post to twitter, such as These newer services don't have what already did so well several years ago, which is to have a well thought out service that already makes excellent use of links to web sites. Obviously has a URL shortening and post-to-twitter service but it's so much more than that.

Tag bundles may be new, I don't remember seeing them before. It's described as a way of grouping tags into meaningful groups. Maybe they mean hierarchicalization of tags? Dunno.

delicious-badge.jpgThey now have a Badge you can add to your website. It has convenient social media features including a link to your profile and more importantly an easy way to get new subscribers to your profile.

Blog posting is still marked as an experimental feature. I tried it once or twice, it never worked for me and I gave up on it long ago. I think today with the twitter support I won't even miss the nonfunctionality of the blog posting feature.

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