Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twitterfail: @usedcarsuk

A new twitter account began following one of my twitter accounts, and the presentation is so amusing it's causing me to launch a series of blog posts: Twitterfail

The first entrant for everyones perusement is: @usedcarsuk

First off, did they not run this through a pronunciation test? Or did they simply do SEO analysis and find that Used Cars UK is a frequently searched-for term? Did they not consider the meaning of the "suk" that's embedded in their name?

Second, their tweets are all in the format: "buy #carMakerName #nnn at URL vehicletext" ... the absolutely most horrid of robotweet's

Clearly they're trying to game the #hashtag syntax, right?

Lastly their account page looks pretty decent. Somehow their account has over 4000 followers so there may be something of value to some people here. Or maybe many of their followers are roboaccounts that are autofollowing the account?