Friday, February 6, 2009

To tweet or not to tweet, let's help the tweeters do their magic

Twitter is this up and coming social platform which I still don't quite grok the usefulness. However it can draw some traffic to your site and I have managed to learn a few interesting things through twitter. It's growing on me. In any case since there's a lotta twitterers tweeting away it is helpful for website promotion purposes to assist them in any way to tweet about your site.

The tweet module for drupal does that. It's very simply installed and requires the teensiest of configuration. Simply unpack it in the modules directory like normal, enable it like normal, go to the tweet settings page and see that the defaults are probably what you want, and that's about it.

What happens is a twitter icon appears in the bottom of each node page. When clicked on the user is brought into their twitter account with tweet text already configured for them to post. How cool is that?